Veterinarians & Team

Veterinarian Jay ClerouxJay Cleroux, DVM

Education: B. Sc. Zoology – University College of the Cariboo in Kamloops, BC , 1993
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine – University of Saskatchewan, 1997
Joined Rutland Pet Hospital – 1998

Jay received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Saskatchewan in 1997. He has been practicing veterinary medicine at Rutland Pet Hospital since 1998. He enjoys the diversity and challenges that are a part of his daily work schedule.

Jay was born in Fort Frances, ON and grew up in Kamloops, BC. He is married with three kids ages 11, 9 and 8. His family pets include 4 dogs, 3 cats, 3 rabbits, 2 chinchillas, 3 Nigerian dwarf goats, 2 horses, 1 miniature donkey, 7 llamas, 4 cockatiels and a lot of chickens!!

When he's not at work, Jay enjoys running, biking and playing hockey. He loves music and also enjoys building things such as their barns, a tree house for the kids and animal shelters.

Vet Laverne DeYaegherLaverne DeYaegher, DVM

Education: B. Sc. - Brandon University, 1988
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - University of Saskatchewan, 1992
Joined Rutland Pet Hospital – 1999

Laverne received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Saskatchewan and has been practicing since 1992. Laverne likes that no two days at work are ever the same. He especially enjoys seeing the exotic pets, such as birds and pocket pets, that come through the clinic.

Laverne has 2 corgis, 2 cats, numerous chickens, alpacas, pheasants, pigeons, doves, chinchillas, a rabbit and koi.

Laverne enjoys art, travel, wine and gardening. He has completed the Okanagan Master Gardener Course.

Vet Charissa RidderbroekCharissa Ridderbroek, DVM

Education: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - University of Utrecht in The Netherlands, 2006
Joined Rutland Pet Hospital – 2007

Charissa is from The Netherlands and received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Utrecht in 2006. She loves the variety and challenging aspects of her day and enjoys that there is always something new to learn. She likes the interaction with pets and their owners as it feels good to help animals. Charissa will specialize in ultrasound over the next year.

Charissa moved from Holland to Canada to work at Rutland Pet Hospital in 2007. The rest of her family lives in Holland. She has a dog named Zoof.

Charissa is engaged and enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and snowshoeing. She also enjoys dancing, traveling and spending time with her friends.


Kay WayslenkoKay Wasylenko

Office Manager
Joined Rutland Pet Hospital – 1998

Kay is the Office Manager at Rutland Pet Hospital and loves working with a team that really cares about what they are doing.

Kay loves animals and has 26 pets. She has 2 dogs (Bella and Toby); 6 cats (Clawsimoto, Spot, Bailey, Ariel, Jewel, and Doodlebug); 3 horses (Ebony, Jazmine and Ember); 2 goats (Sherry and Pixie); 1 cockatiel (Romeo) and 12 ducks.

Sheila JohnsonSheila Johnson

Animal Health Technologist
Joined Rutland Pet Hospital – 1990

Sheila, one of RPH's animal technologists, really enjoys sharing the bond with people and their family members.

Sheila enjoys reading and taking part in dog agility with her best friend. She has 3 Tonkinese Cats: Cahlua, Soda and Snowflake and a Shetland Sheepdog Puppy in waiting.

Karen DufresneKaren Dufresne

Animal Health Technologist
Joined Rutland Pet Hospital – 2001

Karen has been an animal health technologist for over 20 years. She loves the workplace atmosphere at Rutland Pet Hospital and enjoys the diversity of the job and the ever changing medical knowledge and learning that comes with the position.

Karen has a Bichon Frise named Matieka, an Australian Shepherd named Wanabee and a Great Dane named Brie. Her cats are Denise, Romeo, Rosi and Prada. She also has 3 chinchillas.

When not at work she enjoys traveling, dancing and outdoor sports and adventure.

Lisa TongLisa Tong

Veterinary Technician Assistant
Joined Rutland Pet Hospital – 2002

Lisa loves that every work day is different and enjoys her role as a veterinary technician assistant as she gets to work with and meet many nice people. Lisa is looking to enrich her career and is hoping to start a Veterinary Technician Program in January 2013.

Lisa has a Border Collie named Peppy. She also has 2 cats,  Mulligan ('Mully') and Zombie.

Leanne L'EsperanceLeanne L'Esperance

Receptionist / Veterinary Assistant
Joined Rutland Pet Hospital – 2007

Leanne is a graduate of Trend College's Veterinary Assistant Program and has been working at Rutland Pet Hospital since April 2007. She loves the office environment and the team at the clinic and takes pride in working with animals.

Leanne has 3 dogs named Connor, Kaya and Xander. Her 3 cats are named Tori, Lucien and Gabriel.

Leanne's hobbies include camping, boating and traveling.

TamrynTamryn Strauss

Joined Rutland Pet Hospital – 2014

Tamryn finished the Medical Office Assistant program in 2010, has worked in a doctor's office and is now thrilled to join the animal hospital. She is excited to be a part of the team and to learn new things about animals and their health.

Tamryn has a Cockatiel named Cipriani, a Lovebird named Birbitt, and a Parrotlette named Guillermo.

Her hobbies include travelling, making speciality cupcakes, rafting, music and TV.

Josh CousinsJosh Cousins

Veterinary Assistant
Joined Rutland Pet Hospital – 2010

Josh is working towards a career as a veterinarian. Currently Josh is taking undergraduate pre-veterinary courses and plans to continue on to Veterinary School. The favorite parts of his job include being able to assist the veterinarians and technicians with procedures and has enjoyed the opportunity to observe unusual and interesting surgeries such as eye removal and exploratory surgery. He loves the on-the-job learning opportunities.

Josh comes from a family of 6 and is the oldest of four boys. While he hasn't grown up with pets other than fish (four boys are enough!), he loves animals.

His hobbies include drawing, acting, films and and television shows, cartooning and swimming.


When you visit Rutland Pet Hospital, you will likely see our three clinic cats. Here's some history on how these cats came to call the clinic home.


In 1996, Spirit came into Rutland Pet Hospital for neutering as a stray from the BCSPCA. Sheila thought he was really cute so we decided to welcome him as a clinic cat.

We are sorry to announce the passing of Spirit in Dec. 2014. He had an amazingly long life and will be missed.


Cajun, an orange tabby, came to the clinic as a stray kitten from the BCSPCA in August, 2010. He was brought in to be examined for a limp on his left hind leg. It was determined by x-rays that he had an old fracture of the femur that had already healed. His leg is a little bit crooked but it was too healed to try and straighten. Thankfully, his left hind leg does not give him any issues now.




This young brown tabby also came in as a stray kitten from the BCSPCA in July 2011. Like Cajun, he also had a fractured left hind femur but the fracture was recent and was able to be pinned and repaired at Rutland Pet Hospital. It was decided he would make the perfect playmate for Cajun since Spirit is old and not super active.